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Napa Valley and Big Sur Travel Diary

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Believe it or not, I am still daydreaming about California. I'm not even going to lie, but I get little butterflies when I see the Fuller House logo on Netflix because I had such a great time in San Francisco! But believe it or not, those two days in between San Francisco and LA were just magical and here's why:

First of all: Napa is a must when you go to California because wine. Duh! Even though the grapes were not in season yet and the weather was AWFUL, my mom and I had a great time exploring the vineyards. We went to Sterling Vineyards which is the only vineyard in Napa with an aerial tram *cough* tourist trap *cough* and to be 100% honest with you guys, these were not my favorite wines ever but hey, I wine tasted in Napa! Bucket list: Check!

But now, let's get to my favorite part: Big Sur! 

I found out about this magical place through a Youtuber. This travel blogger decided she was going to do a solo roadtrip through California and all she could tell her viewers was to not miss Big Sur once they do it. I remember her crossing the Bixby Bridge and I immediately knew I had to do it as well. 

Bixby Bridge - crossing it was scary AF guys!

Nope, this is not a Windows background. This is a picture of Big Sur taken by yours truly! :)

Not only was Big Sur breathtakingly beautiful with so many nature wonders and miles and miles of asphalt, sea and greenery (I'm not kidding here with the miles!), but you can actually see sea lions!! Out there just sun bathing.

Basically, if there's one thing I would love that you take out from this post is that if you don't have "driving through Big Sur" on your bucket list, you should go ahead and add it ASAP. It's one of those experiences that are so sublime, you have to experience it to actually believe it. 

So there you go! Part 2/3 of my California adventure! Now let me know on the comments bellow: have you been to the US West Coast? What was your favorite part?

Until next time!

María Elena

A Travel Packing List for Horrible Packers

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I know. It's the end of July and I am blogging about packing now that most of you are getting back from your vacays. But you know what? Your next trip won't necessarily be a vacation. Shout out to all my business girls! (yes, I just wrote that with Destiny's Child Independent Women song in my head. #DontJudge).

As the title may have hinted, I'm a horrible packer. To the point that every time I travel with my boyfriend, he's ready with an extra toothbrush, PJ's and socks. He knows me too damn well! I don't know if it's the lack of time or that I always feel overwhelmed before a trip, but every time I'm packing, I leave behind most of the things that I need, except my makeup bag! I always bring my makeup with me. #BeautyAddictProblems. 

Since you guys know I recently got my new Kate Spade agenda and booked my next MUCH NEEDED vacations, I wanted to feel all tidy and organized by creating a packing checklist (PDF download here) with a little help from my family and friends, as you may have imagined. Plus, I'm planning on cutting this into rectangles so it can fit in my agenda pockets. Then I'm laminating the pieces so I can write on them with dry erase markers and reuse them every time I need. Eco-friendly and genius, I know (thanks Youtube!).

You will notice that I wanted this checklist to be perfect for any traveling done during warmer months, but if you guys want me to create one for colder seasons, let me know. I'll gladly create one for you guys... after doing lots of research since I live in the tropics, duh! :P

Thanks for reading! Please share this if you have any horrible packers in your life. lol. 



The importance of Lazy Weekends and Quality Time

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Guys, I want to be 100% honest here. This post "should've" been posted on Monday, but it didn't and here's why:

As a mother's day/ sister's birthday present (two dates that luckily or unfortunately for me are really close together), I went on a mini getaway. It goes without saying that I wanted to have quality time with my mom and sister while actually embracing a lazy weekend, but I didn't want to not upload my weekly Sunday post that I promise you guys on Ambinity's home page.

So my inner Carrie Bradshaw had this question: In this crazy Internet world we're living in, should you feel guilty for not disconnecting yourself? Ha! Candice Bushnell would be so proud! 

What am I trying to say here? That as oddly as it sounds, blogging helps me be present and I don't think it's fair to try so hard to control my urge to be connected with you guys when it actually makes me happy. Believe it or not, having to write and take beautiful pictures for a new blog post every week, helps me be aware of my surroundings and obligates me to find inspiration and beauty in the simplest details. I may be the devil's advocate here, but I'm hoping this makes sense to any of you bloggers out there... So let me know!

BUT you know me! I quickly found a cure to keep both my blogging conscience and family happy: I closed my laptop for the weekend and took my camera outside to shoot everything that inspired me while enjoying my time with my mom, sister and Fiona (my little rescue dog). This way I could wait until Sunday night to upload a beautiful post and not disappoint you guys. So here you go! In honor of embracing lazy weekends and quality time with your loved ones, here's a diary type post from another lovely weekend getaway. Hope you enjoy!

No we did not ride on a banana boat but I had to take a picture of this beautiful wall.

 Ostiones = one of my favorite parts of visiting Cabo Rojo. Must try!

 Have you seen a most beautiful "no parking" sign? Of course you haven't!

So many colors to find in Cabo Rojo!

Who runs into a sunflower field during a roadtrip? We did! What a wonderful and magical experience.

 I have been alternating these books through the week but I must say the How To Be a Parisian one is a GEM.

Remember! Don't feel guilty for doing what makes you happy. Just don't forget to be present and give quality time to your loved ones. It's all about finding balance. :)

Want to see more from Puerto Rico's west coast and Cabo Rojo? You can see this and this previous posts. 

XO, Elena