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5 Ways to Have a Chic Staycation

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el san juan hotel pool

According to Urban Dictionary, a staycation is essentially "a vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer". So my definition of a chic staycation is enjoying your hometown in the most lavish way. It doesn't matter if you're on a budget or not! Keep reading and you'll see I have you covered. ;) 

In Puerto Rico we all enjoy spring break at the same time: it's called Easter. We usually have the Thursday and Friday (Good Friday) before Easter Sunday off, so many of us just take the entire week for a cool trip. I went on California Roadtrip last year! (Read about it here, here and here). 

But sometimes life happens and we just don't have the budget, are saving some money or just want to stay home during this long weekend. So here's your solution: 

Enjoy yourself by the water

Shop a similar swimsuit  here . 

Shop a similar swimsuit here

I think by now, you all know I'm all about treating myself! So when El San Juan Hotel Team contacted me about their wonderful renovations, I knew I wanted to review their amenities first hand for you guys. If you grew up in the Metropolitan Area of Puerto Rico, this hotel is famous for being a prom season star and one of our first night club experiences (Brava!). But now that we've all grown up into valuable millennials (note the sarcasm), what about taking advantage of its wonderful location and amenities to have fun in San Juan?!

The Hotel has a huge pool with wonderful areas to work on your tan and order a few drinks, without ever having to leave the pool. Plus, the hosts are constantly giving you complimentary treats and cucumber water! 

On a budget? Visit your favorite beach/ lake/ river and give yourself a 5 star treatment with your favorite drink, fruits and a cute umbrella like this one

Find a cool spot and listen to your favorite music

Picture provided by El San Juan Hotel team. 

Picture provided by El San Juan Hotel team. 

I have been receiving invitations to the Chico Cabaret Lounge in El San Juan for a while now so I was very excited to actually visit them last weekend. I had the opportunity to listen to live Latin music while sipping some sparkling wine and savoring a decadent chocolate bark.

It was a beautiful experience and I can't wait to come back one of these days now that Calma Carmona is a regular every Thursday. If you haven't listened to her, please go listen to her while you read this post. It will be a perfect romantic date for my boyfriend and I. 

On a budget? Call your friends or that special someone over to your place and play some of your favorite relaxing music over some wine. I bet some good conversations will develop! Here's a cool bluetooth speaker to set the mood.

Find a cool brunch spot!

el hotel san juan brunch
el san juan resort brunch buffet

If you're staying in a hotel or even sleeping in your home, few things make you feel more pampered than a nice brunch. Dessert for breakfast and late mornings = LIFE. 

I had the opportunity of enjoying El San Juan's newest brunch, which is included with your stay and it is SO good, guys! Their waffle and omelette stations are both to die for! Highly recommended. I even gotta go ahead and say that it was way better than one fancy hotel I visited recently for double the price...

On a budget? Call your friends or family over and make your favorite waffle recipe (here's a budget friendly waffle maker). Bonus points if you make mimosas for everyone! 

Enjoy some quality time with someone you love

el hotel san juan brunch

Whenever my boyfriend can't make it to one of my events or special invitations, my mom is the one who gets pampered! So she was the one who came with me for our lovely stay at El San Juan Hotel. She had such a great time by the pool reading her HGTV Magazine (her favorite!) and working on her much needed tan. 

Again, few things make me happier than watching my mom smile. So if you're looking for ways to recharge this spring break, look around you. Make someone you love smile!

On a budget? No problem. ;)

Embrace your surroundings 

beach umbrella
Similar hanging chair  here . 

Similar hanging chair here

Gotta say I try my best to not take for granted the fact that I live in a beautiful tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean. One way I do so, is trying to enjoy my surroundings as much as I can. I look around me and just be greatful of all the beauty that surrounds me every day. From beautiful blue skies to the wonderful decoration of a space.  

Also, try to go outside, read a book or just go for a run. Even if you live in a less tropical environment, it's always good a good idea to go out and enjoy some fresh air. Even if it requires a little more clothing. ;)

Talking about enjoying your surroundings... I'm in love with this hanging chair space at the hotel. I would suggest you invest in a similar hanging chair like this one. Perfect reading space! 

I would love to know what are your plans for this Easter! Are you having a staycation or traveling? Let me know in the comments bellow. 

PS: If you would like to enjoy a weekend at El San Juan Hotel, you can make your reservations online clicking here

Until next time, 

María Elena


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A Travel Packing List for Horrible Packers

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I know. It's the end of July and I am blogging about packing now that most of you are getting back from your vacays. But you know what? Your next trip won't necessarily be a vacation. Shout out to all my business girls! (yes, I just wrote that with Destiny's Child Independent Women song in my head. #DontJudge).

As the title may have hinted, I'm a horrible packer. To the point that every time I travel with my boyfriend, he's ready with an extra toothbrush, PJ's and socks. He knows me too damn well! I don't know if it's the lack of time or that I always feel overwhelmed before a trip, but every time I'm packing, I leave behind most of the things that I need, except my makeup bag! I always bring my makeup with me. #BeautyAddictProblems. 

Since you guys know I recently got my new Kate Spade agenda and booked my next MUCH NEEDED vacations, I wanted to feel all tidy and organized by creating a packing checklist (PDF download here) with a little help from my family and friends, as you may have imagined. Plus, I'm planning on cutting this into rectangles so it can fit in my agenda pockets. Then I'm laminating the pieces so I can write on them with dry erase markers and reuse them every time I need. Eco-friendly and genius, I know (thanks Youtube!).

You will notice that I wanted this checklist to be perfect for any traveling done during warmer months, but if you guys want me to create one for colder seasons, let me know. I'll gladly create one for you guys... after doing lots of research since I live in the tropics, duh! :P

Thanks for reading! Please share this if you have any horrible packers in your life. lol.