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10 Old Fashioned Beauty Hacks

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old school beauty hacks

My grandma is the person who introduced me to this whole beauty industry since I was in elementary school. I remember going through her makeup drawer and just looking at all the shades I knew I would be wearing one day. I even remember the first time she let me put me on some lipstick and how fabulous I felt looking in the mirror! As I got older, she started taking me to Benefit Cosmetic's counter at Macy's just so I could choose fun and light weight makeup to wear in high school, which was one of my favorite memories. So needless to say, my grandma is a very classy lady who believes natural beauty is an investment. Just look at this gorgeous picture from her back in high school! (btw, this was the only picture she let me upload to this post. lol)

I love how she embraces her natural beauty and has never done surgery or injections because "one should always grow old with grace and dignity". But besides the fact that she recommends that I invest in high end products for my skin, she has some pretty awesome tips and tricks she has taught me along her life and I thought you guys could benefit from them. Enjoy!

1. Add the gel of a Vitamin E capsule to your face moisturizer

She keeps a Vitamin E bottle on her medicine drawer to mix in with her moisturizer every morning. She breaks the capsule in half and adds the gel to her moisturizer as a way of boosting its benefits. And if there's a little bit left, she uses it on her night cream. 

2. Use rubbing alcohol to break in your shoes

She swears by this trick! If your shoes are a little tight just after you bought them, put on some alcohol and apparently it will help you break them in faster.

3. make an Aspirin paste to treat pimples

I hated this one when I was a teenager! Every time she saw a zit on my face, she will get an aspirin pill and mix it in with a little bit of water until it formed a paste. Then she will make me wear it during my sleep and when I woke up, bam! the zit was gone. Why does it work you may ask? Because aspirin has salicylic acid, which is the main ingredient in most acne products.

4. when it comes to skincare and foundation, don't bargain shop!

"You can't save money when it comes to your skin!", it's one of the first beauty lessons she taught me. Although I believe there are some really good cheap products at the drugstore, she does has a point. She went through a really bad skin allergy after using a cheap brand when she was younger and now she can only use hypoallergenic products on her skin. So when it comes to skincare, foundation and concealer, try to stick with high end products, unless recommended by a professional. You will be saving more money on the long run! 

5. use Olive oil as body moisturizer

She doesn't buy any of those brand name moisturizers for her body because she says that olive oil works better for her. And believe me, she has the softest skin ever. 

6. use White iodine for stronger nails

My grandma has the strongest and prettiest nails ever, which makes me question why I haven't tried this yet. She uses it right before applying nail polish since she was a teenager. 

7. use Baking soda to mask shoe odors

It's funny how my grandma uses baking soda for everything! But one of her best tricks is this one. It even works on cars. I like to call it the original (and cheaper) Febreze!

8. use Mouthwash to combat dandruff

Forget all the dandruff shampoos! She says that scrubbing your head with your fingers with a little bit of mouthwas will get rid of all of that nasty snow. Just make sure it has alcohol in it. 

9. use Baking soda to whiten teeth

Again, baking soda! She says that if you brush your teeth with just baking soda before washing them you will have whiter teeth in no time. 

10. use White vinegar for shiny hair

She claims that if you mix in a little bit of white vinegar with with your last rinse, it will make your hair shinier.

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Well that's it guys! I loved making this list for you. Have you tried any of these tricks? Would you like to see more? Let me know! :)

Until next time, 

María Elena

Healthy Hair Tips

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I have no patience for hair maintenance, so I am know I'm VERY lucky to have straight hair which results in a very simple caring routine (thanks mom and dad!). But I do like using some hair products to take care of  my highlights, make my hair look shiny and flaunt some waves once in a while. So if you are looking for new hair products to try (and you are as low maintenance in the hair department as I am), here are my favorites:

Garnier Fructis Flat Iron Express - Garnier recently sent me this along with its shampoo and conditioner, which I originally thought were meant to be used just before flat ironing your hair. But after using it for almost two weeks I found out this is the perfect leave in conditioner for anyone with naturally straight hair. First of all, it smells SO good. My boyfriend actually can't stop smelling my hair whenever I use any of these products. And most importantly, it's a time saver! I usually need to roughly blow dry my hair to make it look "tamed", but not with this leave in. I just distribute a quarter size of the product through my damped hair and then let it air dry until it looks as if I actually brushed it... Hah! Definetely will be repurchasing.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - My holy grail hair product and #1 recommendation for any girl who is constantly on the go. Not only does it come in a huge variety of hair colors, this smells so good and it makes your hair look like second day hair even if it is on its fourth. Don't judge! We've all done it! Right? (Say yes please!)

Tresemmé Thermal Creations Heating Spray - I don't heat my hear too often, but when I do I prefer big bouncy waves that can only stay put if I don't use heavy products. This is why I use a super light weight heating spray like this one. Even though it is a little sticky, I have found that this is the best way to achieve Kardashian-Curls status for a longer period of time.

Curling Iron - And talking about waves! How do I achieve big bouncy waves that last more than an hour? With a super thin curling iron. I really don't have a preference, but I do like using ceramic ones. I find that if I just brush little curls they turn into bigger, fuller and long lasting ones than if I just use a big curling iron.

Now what about you? Any easy tricks you currently use in your hair?

XO, Elena