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A Year in Review

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Even though 2016 hasn't been the best year in history nor for myself, I can't say I haven't enjoyed this bumpy ride. It was a very difficult year but I have grown a lot both personally and professionally. I had many challenges in which I had to do my best to balance work, life, graduate school and health. Was I able to keep these four important aspects of my life in balance? No. I couldn't stop thinking about Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada telling Andy that she has to choose between her career or a personal life. Ugh, adulting is some serious shit, people!  

This was also a year in which I have seen the digital content world evolve so much. But I have also seen how so many bloggers and vloggers have lost their genuine vibes by sticking to what's "cool" or "trendy" and not by their true essence. And let me tell you something, I care too much about this blog to ever let that happen. In 2017 I will make it my mission to keep evolving personally along with this blog. But more on this further on this post, ok? 

Now, let's get to my 2016 favorites! 

My Makeup Drawer

Photo by: Marcos Caballero

This year I decided to clean up my makeup stash and get everything together in just one drawer. A very big drawer I may add, because you know me. Lol. But the thing is that there is no secret the Marie Kondo has changed my life perspective, and I no longer need a huge amount of makeup to feel like a genuine beauty blogger. So here's a list of my 2016 makeup essentials, cruelty-free, of course. ;) Which by the way, I have been cruelty-free for 1 year now! 

Nars Blushes | It Cosmetics CC Cream | Tarte Concealer | Tarte Tease Palette | Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner | It Cosmetics Concealer | Tarte Bronzer | Tarte Mascara | NYX Liquid Lipstick


My Top Shelf Skincare

My skin has been so happy this year. I have not slacked on my skincare routine whatsoever. I do not go to sleep without my facial spray, serum and moisturizer. And in the daytime, I make sure my foundation has an SPF higher than 30. If it's a no-makeup dayI  will use my go-to Josie Maran SPF. Also rose water spray has been my life this year! I'm such a brat, I know.

Here's what I've been loving:

2016 has been the year of being comfy and sexy. I was all about the leggings, maxi dresses, off shoulders, oversized sweaters, Adidas Superstars and of course, my dainty staple jewelry. 

But again, Marie Kondo has been a huge part on this. Thanks to the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I've been throwing away what doesn't "spark joy" in my life and sticking to staple pieces that may be pricier, but will last me longer. I have specially been spending a little extra on jeans and workout clothes. Next? I will be investing in better t-shirts and camis for the every day. Because these are items that you can wear up or down with some basic jeans and who doesn't love options?! 

So here were some of my staple pieces this year:

santa monica pier, california, travel tips

Traveling is my therapy. This year I was going through several personal issues and the way I was able to cope with them was by traveling to places I had never seen before. That's how I took my mom to California and Chicago for the first time and made some of the best memories I have with the woman who raised me. <3 Check out my travel posts in the list bellow:

****Life Update Alert****

Next year I will finally be traveling to Europe for the first time in my life! I am extremely excited and so grateful to have the opportunity to visit for three weeks during Summer with my boyfriend. So if you start seeing less makeup hauls, now you know why. ;) Your girl's saving some cash! 


My Fitness Journey

I have to admit this has not been my healthiest year. I learned the hard way that once you hit that 25 year old mark, you can't be eating whatever you want and expect to stay skinny, just because you exercise. I guess it's safe to say my glory days are over? *Sigh*

That's why I decided to reach out to LIV Fitness Clubs in Guaynabo and San Juan, so they could be part of this losing-fat-journey with me. Let me tell you that they have been great with all this. You can't compare the amount of classes in the early morning with no other gym in Puerto Rico. Overall, I have been LOVING everything about LIV. Plus, the staff is the nicest! 

Now for the good part, I am already down 5 pounds, YAY! Would you like to see more on this journey? Let me know and I will gladly start posting about this experience. 

What's next for Ambinity?

I am not going to lie... I am getting really tired of all the blogs that have been creating all this sponsored content that has nothing to do with what they supposedly stand for. During 2016 I have seen a lot of people trying to get famous through social media and calling themselves "bloggers" without even having and idea of what this entitles.

To be 100% honest with you guys, this sometimes gets me a little down and makes me question if I am on the right path. I really don't want to create something that doesn't bring some kind of value to your lives. But then again, I remember that I am here because I am really passionate about writing and of course, giving you some life advice and a little vanity wisdom that I know can bring a smile to your face from time to time. 

What I am trying to express is that you can expect some changes in Ambinity's content this upcoming year. Remember this blog is an extension of myself, so it will continue to evolve as I do. 

What will not change is the way that I create genuine content for you guys. The good thing about working in digital advertising is that I actually know how brands work with bloggers and I will make sure you guys only get content that I truly support and love, no matter how big or small this blog gets.

My point is you will not see basic content in Ambinity for 2017. Hah! Pinky promise. ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my loves! 

Until next time, 

María Elena