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Gustavo Arango's New Store at The Mall of San Juan

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If you don't follow me on social media you've probably been wondering where the heck have I been these past couple of weeks. Well, first of all I was at a very much needed Walt Disney World vacation (because yes, I am a kid at heart) where my boyfriend proposed! You can see pics of the ring in my Instagram. To tell you the least, if you've ever been engaged or close to a person who is, you know it's sort of an interesting ride... specially with the wonderful question of "So, when's the date?!". Well hold your horses people! There's a pretty big chance it'll happen in 2017 so don't get too excited... there's a lot of saving to do before we tie the knot. Let me know if you'll like wedding planning posts and I'll make sure to keep you guys updated with details of this new and interesting chapter in my life. :)

Coming back to the present now, I was recently invited to Gustavo Arango's brand brand new store opening at The Mall of San Juan. If you're familiar with Puerto Rico's fashion industry, you'll know he's one of our biggest designers, dressing celebrities like Roselyn Sánchez, Adamari López, Alexandra Espinoza, Denisse Quiñones, among many others. 

"This is a new platform in which I decided to believe in Puerto Rico, because we have a lot of talent. It was very important for me that this store had the Gustavo Arango's seal, but more importantly, Puerto Rico's seal... I really want the whole world to know that we can do something similar or better than in any other international fashion platforms.", expressed Arango during his brand new store opening this past Friday. 

The store's style is called "Sculptural Setting" which means that you basically feel like you're entering into an artwork. Part of this concept are the rails in the ceiling in which the clothing can be moved around the store in a very modern and futuristic way. 

His idea was to have a white canvas where he slowly started adding works of art. There are 4 pieces of art inside the store, including an Andrés Serrano photography of a little beqauty queen and a very interesting Michael Jackson art piece by renounced artist David Lachapelle.

This new store concept in Puerto Rico, revolves around color blocking segments with the purpose that every client has the chance of mixing and matching their own unique combination. Plus, there's only one piece per size, guaranteeing the client almost no one will have their same piece of clothes. 

The concept is called "ready to wear" or prêt-à-porter which basically means that all Gustavo Arango's clothes at his new store are unique and handmade at his atelier. You'll basically have couture designer clothes that you can wear right away. You won't need a gala or go to fittings several times to wear them. Plus, with prices starting at $150, it's way cheaper than if you went straight to an atelier.  

As if all these perks weren't enough, there's a room in the back of the store called VIP Concierge where once you purchase you're new Gustavo Arango outfit, all the Mall of San Juan's store managers will help you style it with shoes, purses accessories, etc. How fabulous is this, really?! 

My final verdict? Guys I'm in love with this store! It's chic, elegant and fun at the same time. It's the perfect place to find high quality basics for your closet while supporting a very talented local fashion designer. I really recommend you pass by his store at the second floor at The Mall of San Juan (near Sacks) and invest in one of his great designs. 

As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you thought of this post!