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Agendas for the New Year

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agendas for 2018

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Now that Christmas is over, we are all thinking about the new year... Or is it just me?

Ever since I can remember, New Years was my favorite holiday, because I like to look at January as the Monday of the year. Even though time doesn't ever stop, having a new year is the perfect way to trick your mind into making a fresh start with to-do's and some new goals to make that new turn of the sun the best one yet. So the best way I have found for me to accomplish this, is by having a lovely agenda I can write all things down.

But getting on this agenda hunt is not an easy task if you take it as seriously as I do. Should you get a ring bound or a notebook type? A bullet journal or a Filofax? A weekly or a daily agenda? A vertical or horizontal setup? The possibilities are endless so I put together some of the best agendas for 2018 that I found shopping online to make your experience a little bit easier. Enjoy! 

Kate Spade Agendas

UPDATE: Kate Spade Agendas on sale right now here!

I think this is probably everyone's favorite agenda. They are always so witty, fun and colorful that they are irresistible! Plus they make the perfect gifts. I specially love this one this year since it has a zipper pouch perfect for on the go. 

Lilly Pulitzer also comes out with similar agendas each year, but I don't really love them for this moment of my life, since they are so busy in color and design. 

Ban.do Agendas

These are pretty much like the Kate Spade but a little bit more fun. If you're into stickers, these could be your favorites! I specially like this one that says "I don't work here" if you're into passive aggressiveness like I am. Ha! 

Bullet Journal

This is something that I've tried to get into several times, but I just don't have the patience. You will love it, if you are really into doodling and making lists. This is basically the best way to customize your agenda. The traditional way to use a bullet journal is with a squared or dotted Moleskine, but you could also use it with a regular ring bound notebook like this one. You do you! Here's a cool video to inspire you, from the queen of Bullet Journaling, AmandaRachLee on Youtube. 

10 Year Plan

Looking for planners I came across this one and I knew I had to put it in since it's so different than everything I've seen lately. If you are really ambitious and like to really see the bigger picture, you could go with this planner. 

Shop your favorite agenda:

New 2016 Kate Spade Agenda!

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Ever since middle school and all the way through college, I was the girl with beautiful handwriting who would always keep a planner for all her to-do's and upcoming appointments. Little Miss Perfect, huh? I remember that my favorite part of going back to school was starting a new agenda. To give you an idea, my summer vacations consisted of theme parks, beaches and searching stationary sections in stores for my next fabulous weekly agenda. But somehow, as I ended college and started working full time, my planning habits and beautiful handwriting went away! Please let me know if this happened to any of you too.

Well this changed recently. You know that feeling you get when you are extra overwhelmed with too many things happening at the same time? That's exactly how I've felt these past weeks. I felt like I was juggling information in my mind and I needed a system to keep it in order. Not iCal, not a to-do list, not a notepad. An agenda.

Plus, you guys know I love watching Youtube Vloggers and lately I've been noticing a huge Planning community coming out of nowhere. And I gotta say I love it! It's been getting me back into my planning days and it sure has helped me get more organized. YES!

So long story short, after researching Erin Condren Life Planners, Day Designers, Design Love Co and Filofax planners, I decided the

large Kate Spade Agenda

would be the best way to get back on track with my planning habits.

I ended up calling my local Kate Spade to reserve my

17 month 2016 agendas in black and white stripes

. Now I'm in love and can't wait for August to start! But I can show you how this little masterpiece looks like here: 

Isn't their packaging amazing?

I made this dashboard from a promotional notepad I got a while back. You can check a tutorial

on how to do this from one of my favorite planning bloggers, MaeBad on Youtube.

I just really love how simple, clean and chic this agenda is. 

If you're still not convinced this planning community is for you, check out the #PlannerAddict tag on Instagram. 

I'm trying to use this blog to keep you guys updated with my agenda to see if I get a little bit excited about being organized again! Are you in for more posts like these?