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Save Your Money | Overrated Beauty Products

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I know that I'm always telling you guys buy this and buy that, but ever since I started this blog I've made it my mission to always be honest with you guys and tell you where not to spend your precious beauty routine budget. Specially now that the Sephora VIB Sale has us going all going cray cray! You can read my tips and tricks on how to find beauty products on a budget here

So you guessed it, this post will be mostly about the products I've tried over the years and I'm not quite impressed by, even though they have some pretty great reviews online. Hope it helps you make some wise purchases:

  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer: Everyone who's into the beauty blogging scene knows that people rave about this concealer everywhere. And I don't know if it's because I have super stubborn eye circles that no eye cream until this date has been able to completely fade, but I find this to be a very average concealer. It is good and I still have a little bit left that I will continue to use, but I think that for its price, there are much better options out there. If you still want to try it, I know that there are a lot of really good affordable dupes for this out there that I have yet to try.  


  • Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base: Smudge proof? Umm... don't think so! I bought this because Ingrid Nielsen swears by it and says it works wonders on oily eyelids. But once I put it on my eyelids I found it to be exactly what I didn't want it to be: suuuper liquid. It just feels weird and I feel like I have to wait about 3-5 seconds until it completely drys. Plus, why will I want a lipgloss applicator for this? Germs alert... Gross! 


  • Tarte Amazonian Clay: This may be a shocker for some of you who know how much I love Tarte Cosmetics. And even though I hauled this a while back and was super excited about it, over these past months I've come to notice this cakes really badly on my skin by the end of the day. So no,  this is definitely not a fail proof foundation for oily skin. 
    • What to buy instead? I have yet to find a holy grail everyday full coverage foundation for my bad skin days. So I would probably say to go for the super trusty Cover FX Cover Drops mixed in with your favorite SPF moisturizer. 
  • Aesop Skin Resurrection Hand Balm: After reading Into The Gloss' review on this products I was sure I needed it in my life. Specially because the packaging, I mean look at it, it's just gorgeous! So after giving it the ultimate test: 4 airplane rides and two different climate changes during my most recent trip to California, I can honestly say you can skip on this product. It smells amazing, but I felt my hands were super dry after 20 mins of application. Definitely not worth the $20+ price tag. 
    • What to buy instead? Ok I know, Aveeno is not a cruelty free brand, but is the only hand cream that I can honestly say it actually lasts and works how it says it's supposed to. So if you have a cruelty free dupe for this, please let me know! But until then, a really great trick to not have dry hands is to drink, lots and lots of water. ;)


  • Anastasia Brow Whiz: Now, don't get me wrong. This is an amazing product, but I found out it ran out a little bit too quickly for the price tag. So if you read my February Favorites you know that I just found an amazing dupe for half the price!


  • Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask: First of all, it is not clear if Origins actually testes on animals, so I am not longer buying this brand. Secondly, is it a good mask for oily skin? Yes. Is it worth the price? No. Plus, it is really not a good option for people with sensitive skin. Both my boyfriend and bff tried it and claimed their skin sting too bad. 
    • What to buy instead? I've been trying out a sample of Boscia Luminizing Black Mask and it is SO good. It is the first mas that I can actually see my black heads coming off and it actually makes my skin look and feel radiant. Definitely will be buying the full size version soon. 


  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Colors: If you're thinking this is going to be a great option to stop getting your "Shellac" nails at the salon, you're wrong. These chip just like any other nail polish.
    • What to buy instead? Now, their nail colors may be bad, but their top coat is another story. Use the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat, use it over your favorite base coat and nail color and watch your manicure last more than three days! (that's my record at least). 

Now I'm dying to know: What have been your biggest beauty products regrets? Have you tried any of these products? 

Let me know on the comments bellow. Until next time!

María Elena


PS: Part II of my California road trip will be up next week! Stay tuned.