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How To Style Your Nightstand the Aaron Stewart Home Way

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My mom is the queen of keeping her bedroom tidy, clean and soothing. She always encourages that my sister and I keep our rooms organized because this is the place where you rest and therefore, should be a place you feel at ease. So when Fernando Rodríguez called me to do a blog post about styling nightstands, I was in! Fernando along with Aaron Stewart Home's lovely Personal Stylist, Lizzette "Lichy" Schettinni, created the 5 nightstand settings perfect for almost any personality. 

1. The Romantic Setting

The first nightstand Fernando and Lichy styled was a very romantic one. The lavender tones combined with the fresh flowers make the bedroom look fresh and sophisticated. Plus, the bucket for the bubbly wine makes the perfect setting for a romantic night in any day of the week. 

2. Sophisticated yet playful

This is the perfect nightstand for someone who is professional yet likes some color in their life. "A good book is inspirational even if you don't open it... it has beautiful images that are next to you for your sleeping time, which is a good thing", said Fernando while styling this look. 

Books are also a great way to make your nightstand more functional. "The idea is to rise your small lamp with inspiring books so you can have the perfect nightstand light", said Fernando.

3. Earthy meets modern

This is a great look for a more classic bedroom. "It's always good to cover your nightstand with a little tray like this one by Natalia Subirá so it lasts longer. It keeps things from getting stained so it doesn't get scratched with your candles, etc."

Plus, no matter if you're planning a romantic night with your partner or planning a Netflix date with yourself, you should try to keep flowers in your bedroom. "Flowers always make everything look fresh, no matter what" - Fernando Rodríguez. 

4. For the modern gal

I can say this is my favorite one just for the Jonathan Adler jewelry box. I mean, look at that! I swear it's made of dreams and pixy dust. 

"If you want to do something classier you can use gold.. and if you have a two toned nightstand like this one, then you can play with gold for three months and then use the blue and interchange colors and ideas based on the colors of your nightstand". 

Lichy also suggested adding little trays for when you forget to take all your jewelry off at night. "Add a pop of color with little trays to hold your jewelry before going to sleep.... It happens to me all the time!"

5. The playful one:

Fernando recommends to not be afraid of mixing colors. "It's all about looking around the house and finding one or two pieces that you really like and moving it around. Maybe it's something in the living room... who knows? Don't be afraid of bringing it to the bedroom and viceversa... that way you refresh the whole room.", said Fernando. 

"Don't try to be matchy matchy! Have a sense of color", said Lichy while adding "Para el gusto los colores, y los colores, las flores" which basically means that if you want some color, add flowers!

So there you go, nightstand inspiration for any personality. But, last but not least, I wanted to add some random pieces of advice Fernando and Lichy offered while at the store:

- Always keep things that are very close to you and things that are beautiful that have nature, or beautiful books with beautiful pictures. 

- Keep a soothing candle and a good lavender scented moisturizing cream on your nightstand. 

- Always keep a glass of water for before and after you go to sleep. 

- Switch things around every once in a while.

What do you think? What are your tips and tricks for a soothing bedroom?