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What's In My Bag | February 2016

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louis vuitton speedy 30 whats in my bag

This what's inside my bag will undoubtedly be a little update on how the KonMari Method is definitely life changing (hence, the title of the book). Honestly, when I was reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and read that part in which the author says that she actually takes all of the stuff in her handbag out and puts them in a box all lined up in vertical position, my initial thought was: Ain't nobody got time for that! So the fact that I've been doing this (and loving it) for the past month and a half is very surprising to me.

First of all, I threw all the stuff that I didn't need off my bag. And trust me, there was a LOT of junk in there. My mother swears that is the main reason I have scoliosis.  So after that, I categorized everything I actually needed in my life in different little bags that fit perfectly inside my Speedy 30. So here's an overview of how it's organized:

  • The "Wallet" - I decided to go for a simple pouch. One thing the KonMari Method taught me is to simplify/ minimize my belongings. I have found that having a traditional wallet may not be the best for me because I tend to overstuff them. Not with money, sadly. So I was thinking about purchasing a cute credit card holder like this one maybe, since I most definitely never carry cash with me (which I know it's a huge mistake). So when my mother in law gave me this Coach pouch for Christmas I thought this was perfect for me. I can take it alone if I'm going to the grocery store and just wear it on my wrist which is very convenient and stylish, don't you think?
  • The Eyeglasses & The Sunglasses - I like to switch these around during the day depending if there is sunlight or not... duh! I recently purchased these from EyeBuyDirect.com and I'm loving them! Not exactly the fastest shipping compared to other online eyewear stores I've heard about, but the quality is amazing. I am specially loving the sunglasses, which I believe are a perfect dupe for a pair of Prada sunglasses that I've been eyeing for a while. Compared to what I would've paid for those Prada ones, I invested less than $150 on a pair of sunglasses and eyeglasses with my prescription.


  • The Emergencies Bag - This is the bag with a mini size deodorant, hand cream, makeup removing wipes, hand sanitizer and Advil (the only over-the-counter pain reliever that actually works on my menstrual cramps). Need I say more?


  • The Tech Cables Bag - I got this little gray bag with some earbuds I bought from a recent JetBlue flight. Since I paid $5 and the bag it's actually kind of cute and has an interesting shape, I decided to use it as a charging cables pouch. I carry this with me everywhere since it contains a life saver portable charger, an iPhone cable, the actual earbuds I purchased from JetBlue and my Fitbit charger. 


  • The Makeup Essentials Bag - Meaning face powder, a basic eye shadow, a mid-day life saver concealer, Glossier's the Balm Dotcom and a versatile lip color. 


  • The Bag for Those Days of the Month - This is the bag with the "Oh what fun!" quote on it. You see what I did there? ;) I only take this bag with me when mother nature calls, so I don't carry all that weight with me all the time. It contains pads, tampons, panty liners, Summer's Eve wipes... you know the drill. 


  • The Bag Holder - Because lets face it, who would put a precious Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene in the floor?! Certainly not me, who saved up for her dream bag for quite a few years. I finally got this bag pre-loved (for a really good price) and I couldn't be more in love with her. This is my trophy bag and every time I wear it I know I earned it with really hard work, which is exactly why I always wanted to buy it. So this baby is not going to be touching the floor (or anybody else) any time soon.


  • The Keys - I know everybody takes their keys with them, but here's a little fun fact: If I don't have a cute keychain (like the little gold one I got from Boveda in Old San Juan a few years ago), I like to use a hand sanitizer keychain with my car keys. That way all my germaphobes needs are satisfied al day, errday


That's it! That's what I carry with me almost every day. I think it pretty much covers my everyday essentials. Now I want to hear about you. What do you carry in your purse? :)