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Luxury Basics | Creating my Dream Closet One Milestone at a Time

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Pic Credit:  Goop.com

Pic Credit: Goop.com

My family has never been rich. I come from a middle/ sometimes middle-high class family who works really hard for all they have. Nevertheless, since my grandma from my mother's side has always loved spoiling me, I had a little experience with luxury as a teenager. I am completely sure I inherited my love for everything beauty and fashion from her

As a good 2000's teenager, I was obsessed with Coach, Tous and when I had a really special occasion, like my Quinceañero, I would get some silver jewelry from Tiffany & Co. I was pretty happy with my fancy jewelry, because it made me feel part of the "cool kids". But I don't think I ever looked at them as investment pieces. It never crossed my mind that I could take really good care of some key pieces and maybe one day hand them down to my kids. Today, I only have the classic Please Return to Tiffany bracelet with the matching necklace and a thing or two from Tous that I hardly ever wear. 

But everything changed once I started working full time and noticing that sometimes, it's better to have some key items in your wardrobe, rather than having a bunch of $15 jewelry pieces that go dark in a matter of months and a bunch of Forever 21 purses that are practically disposable.  In the long run, you are wasting money. 

Now I am more focused on finding really good pieces of clothing that can stand the test of time with versatility and sophistication. I started creating my capsule wardrobe last year, when I made my first Louis Vuitton purchase with a pre-loved Speedy 30 in Damier. More on it here and here. This year, as you will see in the picture bellow I have several things in my wish list that I will by NO means will be purchasing all at once. #IWish. I still need to save some money! But I have started to invest in this pieces with each milestone I reach in my professional life. So here you go, hopefully this will help you make your own decisions as well:

michele deco watch, louis vuitton speedy, gucci disco bag, david yurman cuff

I first spotted this watch in one of my favorite bloggers, Kathleen from Carrie Bradshaw Lied. I have never been a huge fan of watches and I was pretty comfortable wearing my Michael Kors and Marc Jacob watches every now and then. But since some pretty great things have been finally happening in my life, due to my good time keeping skills, I can honestly say I am ready for a good swiss watch. See what I did there? #girlboss. 

Plus, I love that even though this is definitely not a cheap watch, it is not crazy expensive like Rolex and Cartier. And you still get the swiss mechanism! 

2. Louis Vuitton Neverfull (I still don't know which size!)

Guys, I am so tired of buying drop-it-all-in tote bags and them failing on me before the one year mark. Because, yes, I am a handbag destroyer (just ask my boyfriend) and I know that this would be the perfect bag for me. It also helps that my dear friend Omar has a serious campaign behind me buying it. 

3. Gucci Disco Bag

Again, I have had so many cross body bags, but none of them have stayed with me! The Forever 21 one that I used for my recent trip to Chicago is in her last days and I need to look for a new one soon. 

I spotted this dainty cross body bag on several blog posts by Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere and I knew I needed it. It is so versatile and just the perfect size for when you are on the go. 

4. David Yurman Cuffs

I have to admit that I am a spoiled little brat and already announced to my family that all I wanted for christmas was a David Yurman Cuff. Why? Because I want to start a collection of bracelets that just as my Please Return to Tiffany, can be dressed up or down. Plus, Kathleen from CBL had a lot to do with this, yet again. lol  #armcandyheaven #iwillinstagramthehelloutofmyarm

Final Thoughts:

I definitely need to cut down on my Sephora hauls and start bringing my lunch to work, don't you think? But you know what? I really think we all deserve little treats once in a while, and as I stated before, these are investment pieces that you will be wearing for a long time if you take good care of them. 

Now I want to know about you! what has been your biggest investment piece so far? What are your must have luxury basics?

Until next time, 
María Elena

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