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Mother's Day Gift Guide for Every Budget

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I don't know about you, but Mother's Day is one of the hardest holidays for shopping! I obviously love my mother and I want to give her what she loves, but since she's a Sagittarius like me (fun fact: we have the same birthday), the only thing I always want to give her are vacation trips! Unfortunately that won't be possible this year, but I decided to create a gift guide that will reach every budget, based on what I know all the mothers I know and mine would love. Everything under $50, under $200 and under $500. Enjoy!


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When it comes to shopping on a budget this is my go to strategy: Find the most quality you can find between your  budget. That's why I recommend purchasing some QUAY sunglasses which are super cheap and great quality or an Urban Decay palette like this one. Also, a pretty and interesting coffee table book, a skincare set or high quality fantasy earrings are sure to make her happy! 

Focus on this: Quality self-care items! 

More gifts like these:


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Ahh... The magic spot! This is where you can find good high quality items and even high end, but cheaper! In this budget bracket I would recommend you get her a super cool hair drier set like this one, a chakra balancing bath salt set like this one if she's into wellness and even a fancy fitness tracker like this one by Garmin. She's a more trendy mom? Go for some Ray Bans, statement earrings or a trendy handbag like this one which every fashion blogger is raving about!

Focus on this: Have fun with your gift!

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You lucky mofo! You get to do what we all want: Spoil the most important person in our lives! So if you're going to go this route, go big or go home! Ok? Give her that Gucci belt she has been raving about or even a wallet! If she's into makeup, giver the entire set of Artis brushes. Some statement sunglasses or cocktail ring she can brag about with her friends and if she's a fitness junkie, she will love this new Garmin watch

Focus on this: Spoil yo' mama! 

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Father's Day Gift Guide

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fathers day gift guide

Who sucks the most at buying gifts for men?! 🙋🏻

Could it be because I am always surrounded by women? Who knows! When it comes to Father's Day, I've summed it up to these categories: Tech, food, sports and "just for fun". I also try to give them something that they wouldn't buy themselves otherwise. So I did my research and took out all the recommendations that I will probably be giving the fathers and grandparents of my life: 

Techy Dad

You will make him happy with anything that has to do with the latest technology. So why not get him an Amazon Echo so he can boss someone around or a new sound system. This one by Marshall is portable with a retro look that will be perfect for a classy dad. 

Shop for the Techy Dad:

  • Amazon Echo: $180
  • Marshall Stockwell Flip Cover Speaker: $250

Sporty Dad

Chances are, he enjoys some type of outdoor activity. Get him an Apple Watch or Garmin if he already doesn't have one. If he doesn't already own one, chances are, he won't buy it himself but actually wants one. Because smart watches are that type of accessory you don't know you want until you have one 😉 (#capitalism). I talked about it a little bit in my monthly favorites

Shop for the Sporty Dad:

  • Apple Watch Series 1: $270 (save!)
  • Apple Watch Series 2: $399
  • Garmin: $280
  • Fitbit Flex: $175

Foodie Dad

Grilling stuff or a cool cooking book is always a good idea for a dad who appreciates the art of cooking. Give him something that he can actually use in the future like a cool cook book or a set of super awesome barbecue utensils

Shop for the Foodie Dad:

  • Berghoff 33 Piece Barbecue Set: $200
  • Byron: The Diner Cookbook: $25
  • Bondi Harvest: $30

Geeky Dad

Repeat after me: A drone is always a good idea! He will enjoy flying that so much! Or just give him anything Star Wars or from his favorite series. Here are some suggestions:

  • Star Wars Dodgy Graphic Tee: $13
  • Star Wars Line Drawing Tie: $20
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Bow Tie Cuff Links: $56
  • Drones: Splurge $349, average $80, save $40.

Absolutely no idea what to get him?

Go with the basics: Grooming kits!

  • Phillips Norelco Shaver: $70 (reg. $120!)
  • Royce Travel and Groom Kit: $135
  • Jo Malone Cologne: $80
  • Harris Brass Shave: $80

Let me know what you are getting the dads in your life!

Until next time, 

María Elena


Mother's Day Gift Guide

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First, I have to say THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to personally write me after last week's extremely emotional post. Sharing that post was definitely one of the hardest things I've ever done, so your support meant everything to me and I'm so glad to know I helped you somehow. That's why I thought this week was time for a much lighter post and decided to share with you guys a cool gift guide for all of the moms in your life. 

But before I begin I have to sat that the girls from Bien Cool were kind enough to send me some of their super funny postcards. If you're looking to make even the most serious person smile, go with one of these. My mom already knows I will be giving her this one, because it's legit and I just love that it has the word "vagina" in it! I highly recommend usingPostales Bien Cool this Mother's Day. Specially if you have a super conservative mom like I do. lol (Sorry, not sorry, Mami)  

Here are the perfect gifts depending on what type of mom you're buying for. Hope it helps!

For the Beauty Junkie

This mom probably never leaves the house without makeup, a good perfume and is crazy about makeup. So make sure you get her some upgraded basics. Here are some recommendations:

  • A pretty makeup bag - Depending on your budget, you could get her a beautiful affordable makeup bag like this one or you could splurge and find her a designer makeup bag like this Gucci Blossoms one. 
  • Fancy Perfume - Don't get her a basic perfume. Ask a Sephora sales person to help you find an exotic scent based on your mom's personality. I would suggest anything by Maison Margiela, Jo Malone, Atelier Cologne or my personal favorites, Elizabeth and James
  • Nail Polish Set - Anything a little bit fancier than your regular OPI and Essie will be perfect. I would suggest Deborah Lippmann or Butter London. They're both cruelty-free! :) 
  • Luxury Makeup Item - I could say buy her Chanel or YSL, which to me they're the ultimate luxury makeup brands, but sadly, they both test on animals. I would suggest going for cruelty-free options like Charllote Tillburry and Chantecaille (specially for skincare). 
  • Makeup Brush Set - If she's a true makeup junky, she can't have enough makeup brushes! So get her a cool set like this one by Sigma or if you have the budget, the Artis Ten Brush Set

click to shop:

For the Gym Mom

This mom is most likely always on the go. So make her life easier and practical with these fitness basics:

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For the Fancy Mom

If you have the budget, this is your time to splurge on your mom! If she's a stylish person, she most likely appreciates luxury brands, so here are some suggestions. I'll leave some more budget friendly options. ;) 

  • An everyday handbag - This Chloe satchel will make her go crazy! But if you have a more limited budget, I would suggest going for anything by Rebecca Minkoff
  • Fancy Sandals - These Giuseppe Zanotti sandals are out of this world and will definetely make a statement during summer parties. But if your don't have the budget, I found some more budget friendly dupes here, here and here
  • A luxury makeup item - Just as I said in the beauty junkie section, I could say buy her Chanel or YSL, which to me they're the ultimate luxury makeup brands, but sadly, they both test on animals. I would suggest going for cruelty-free options like Charllote Tillburry and Chantecaille (specially for skincare). 
  • A statement evening bag - There's a big chance she loves animal print! So get her this super stylish and Instagram friendly evening pouch. If she's not into animal print, I found more minimal and affordable options here, here and here
  • Designer sunglasses - Because duh! Dior is always a good idea. But if you have a lower budget, you can never go wrong with some mirrored Ray Ban Aviators, Quay Australias or Le Specs

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For the HGTV Lover

The odds this mom likes to be surrounded by pretty things around her house are pretty big! So here are some beautiful things you could get her:

  • Anything Jonathan Adler - Specially his metallic zebra dish! Get it in gold here.  
  • A cool decorative pillow - Make any bed or sofa change seasons with just one item. If she has a bohemian decor look, go for this floral one or tassel one. If she has a neutral look go for this one and if she has a sense of humor, go for this one
  • Luxury Home Fragance - You can never go wrong with anything by Diptyque or Jo Malone. 
  • Fancy Coasters - Again, go with Jonathan Adler. I found some cool options here, here and here

click to shop:

For the Boss Mom

This could be the hardest mom to buy for! She most likely has everything she wants, because she can get it herself (yas kween!). So I would suggest getting her pretty things for her desk that she most likely wouldn't get herself. 

  • Stationary Set - Every boss knows the importance of hand written letters, so get her a cool stationary set she can use whenever she needs to write a thank you note! This one by Kate Spade is gorgeous, which by the way, I've seen them in Marshalls and TJ Maxx. 
  • A high quality notebook - If she loves writing notes, she will most definitely enjoy anything by Moleskine.  
  • Cool pens - The definition of cool pens is Kate Spade gold pens! Am I right?!
  • Coffee mug - Because there's a huge chance she's addicted to caffeine, get her a fun mug to sip through her hectic days. Some cool suggestions here, here and here
  • A relaxing luxury candle for her desk - Again, anything by Diptyque or Jo Malone will give her desk a luxury vibe she will surely enjoy! 

click to shop:

Hope this helped! Let me know what you end up getting her. :) 


María Elena


Mother's Day Gift Guide | 2015

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I love spoiling my mom and I have a feeling you do too. As well as many of you, my mom is the most important person in my life and even if I like giving her really nice gifts, I find that the simplest and well thought gifts are the best. This is why I didn't just want to list a couple of things for you to buy for your mom, but instead I went to the most thoughtful person I know: my trusty friend/ co-worker, Valerie. I like calling her the "thoughtful queen" because she is the kind of person that remembers every occasion (big or small) and gives you a little something just to bring a smile to your face. She definitely takes the "it's the thought that counts" saying to a whole new level. I wish I was more like her. Don't you? 

Earlier this week she told me about this awesome idea of making care packages as gifts. She explained to me that she buys a cute little bag and gathers 3-5 things that she knows the person receiving the gift will actually use. How thoughtful and creative is that?! So, you guessed it! This Mother's Day gift guide is inspired by Valerie and her thoughtful gifts.

But before we get any further, here's a simple 3 step system you can use:

  1. One Bag
  2. One splurge item
  3. Two to three cute thoughtful items

Ok, now we're ready. Here are 5 examples that hopefully will inspire you to create the perfect gift set for the moms of your life:

As you can see, I left it pretty open so you can mix and match your mom's style. If you end up doing any of these gift bags please send me your pictures! I would love to see them. :)

XO, Elena