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Cabo Rojo Beaches Through a Nikon D3100

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The beach is the place where I feel most at ease. If there's one thing I've truly learned about myself is that if I'm having a bad day or a tough week, I crave sea breeze. So I'm very lucky to be literally surrounded by many, many beaches but especially, the ones at Cabo Rojo. Being in Puerto Rico's south west coast, relatively far away from San Juan, this town is well loved for its silence and simplicity, making it the perfect place to chill and relax without the rough energy of the city.

Apart from the reasons below, I chose Cabo Rojo for my Valentine's Day/ Presidents Day Weekend getaway because it was the perfect place to let myself be present and be inspired by my surroundings. This is why I decided that investing on a fancy camera would be a great way to help me achieve this while helping me expand my creativity and increase the quality of Ambinity. Since I consider this blog my baby, I finally decided to invest in a DSLR instead of using my old point and shoot. :)

So Eimy, my awesome friend behind

The Golden Fig

, one of the most beautiful blogs I've ever seen (seriously, 

go check it out!

), gave me an awesome deal on her trusty

Nikon D1300

that she recently stopped using because she bought a new one. Let me tell you that even though I am well aware that in order to take great pictures you need studies, an artistic eye and a creative mind, there is no doubt of what a


difference switching from a Point and Shoot to a DSLR camera can make.  

Let me show you a little behind the scenes of my mini vacations and you can be the judge of the quality of my new Nikon (


my artistic eye lol).

Cabo Rojo is no doubt my happy place. What's your happy place? What do you think of this new camera?

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Puerto Rico Vacation Through the West Coast

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I'm back! And my vacations are o-v-e-r. 

If you're wondering why I was away for so long after my last post, is because I was out falling in love with my beautiful Puerto Rico all over again. These vacation days were kind of a last minute thing, so my sister, mother and I decided to stay in Rincón and travel through the best parts of the west coast in three days.

But before I go into all the beautiful details of PR's West Coast, these are the things that I kept with me to keep my skin looking healthy before and after the sun:

As you can tell, I am not into wearing makeup to the beach, so I just bring with me stuff that keep me hydrated and protected from the sun: a Kiehls Rosa Artica Cream sample I got from Birchbox, Tarte's Maracuja Oil and C-brighter Eye Treatment and a Tarte balm that sadly was discontinued (I got it from a Sephora 500 points perk about a year ago). 

Here are some pictures of these short but sweet days. Hope you enjoy!

These are all from one of the best restaurants I've visited here in Puerto Rico: Shipwreck Bar & Grill in Rincón. I tried the most delicious mojito, Ensalada de Pulpo (octopus salad) and tostones (fried plantains) I've tried. 

One of my favorite beaches ever,  Playa Sucia, Cabo Rojo

 A delicious coconut cocktail from the hotel we stayed in Rincón.

And for the best part! My first trip to Guilligan Island from Guánica. I cannot begin to explain how beautiful this place is. You just have to visit it. ;)