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What NOT to do on Social Media in 2018

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Today, social media is as important as your website and your storefront.

Social media is, for the most part, the first thing people see online and it needs to look consistent, clear, on brand and of course, pretty! It’s your business card and you wouldn’t give an ugly or misspelled business card to potential customers, wouldn’t you? But if you were one of those people who didn't care much about social media, I’m glad you clicked on this post. 👊🏽

As part of the millennial generation, I grew up along with the internet and watched the social media revolution unfold right in front of my eyes. From the MySpace and MSN Messenger days! As an adult, I completed my Bachelors Degree in Public Relations and Advertising, and even though I mainly learned about the traditional media side and none of the digital and technical aspects, knowing the basics really helped me have a clearer perspective towards digital marketing. 

I began my career at the tender age of 21 at a small digital marketing agency where I learned all the basics about social media marketing for businesses. In 2013, looking for ways to express myself in a written manner while implementing everything that I was learning in my full time job, I decided to start ambinity.

But contrary to what some people think, starting a blog wasn't as beautiful and easy as it looks. 


Yes, I already knew the social media basics, but being a blogger involved learning basic coding, search engine optimization (SEO), photography, and most importantly, finding my niche, just so I could start building a community online. I quickly realized that when it comes to having an online presence, without a community, you are doomed. 

You can imagine that after blogging for more than four years, I have seen quite a few changes in social media, including trends that have come and go. I have even been asked far too many times about tips on social media, which to be really honest, is not something I can just write on an email or text message. It took me a lot of time, research and effort to learn about this crazy world. But before I get into any more details (e-book details! 🎉), I decided to write down exactly what I wouldn't recommend you keep doing in 2018:

What not to do on Social Media in 2018

  • Asking for likes or shares. Yes, this was all the rage back in 2012, but in 2018 it looks tacky and desperate. If you need some type of feedback, ask for comments or make a survey. If you really need those likes and shares, there are plenty of ways you can achieve this through social media advertising platforms without looking cheap. 
  • Thinking that the only way to engage with an audience is by purchasing ads. Even though this is a great way to build an audience, I highly suggest you master organic reach and engagement. How do you achieve this? Testing, testing and more testing. Maybe your Facebook audience responds more in at 6PM on Fridays and maybe your Instagram audience expects a story from you on Mondays at 10AM. It's all about being open to possibilities and changes. 
  • Not having an editorial calendar. Consistency is key in social media. When you're trying to build a faithful audience, they need to know exactly when and where they will find your lovely content. Invest a few hours each month in creating an editorial calendar and you will quickly see your audience engage. 
  • Having different social media handles on different social media channels. I get it. Not all of us are lucky enough to have found our business names on all our social media channels. Nevertheless, try to make it work for you. Maybe you didn't find @yourbusiness, but you did find @yourbusinessPR on all channels. The important thing here is to assume that your audience is lazy and if they can't easily find you the first time, you probably lost them! 
  • Using your social media channels as a hard sales platform. No, this is not the place to share a newspaper ad. No, this is not the place to include everything you want to say in an art. No, this is not the place to saturate your audience with BUY NOW, LIMITED TIME OFFER, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Enough said? Good. 
  • Not linking your social media channels to your website. This seems obvious, but you will me amazed at the amount of starting small businesses I've seen without their social media channels on their website. Remember, this is how people are going to receive constant updates from you! 
  • Ignoring analytics. Have you linked Google Analytics to your website? Do you invest a good chunk of your time each day to carefully going over what's working for your social media posts and what's not? If not, you're missing time and money. But luckily for you, I talk all about it in my e-Book
  • Ignoring Instagram Stories. I am guilty of this one. For far too long I was too lazy and didn't care about Instagram stories, because I thought it required too much creativity that I was already putting out into creating blog posts. But I decided to start exploring it lately and I have been seeing huge results within my audience. Make your stories work for you!
  • If you have a business, not blogging on behalf of your business. This is a sneak peek into our next e-book! Subscribe here so you know exactly when it launches. 

Did you identify yourself in any of these mistakes? You probably did because even I have done one of these before! But before you panic, I have a solution for you!

Introducing ambinity's first eBook: 

Easy Social Media Management for Small Business Owners and Bloggers. 

WHO is this e-book FOR?

Small business owners or bloggers who want to take their social media marketing skills to the next level. 

How much does this e-Book cost?

The regular price is $30 but if you subscribe to our newsletter here, you will receive an exclusive 30% off discount code right to your email! Seriously, all you need to do is SUBSCRIBE!

What does this e-Book include?

  • Social media basics
  • How to properly choose social media platforms.
  • How to curate content for each platform.
  • Making an editorial calendar. 
  • Working with influencers. 
  • Crisis management
  • Action plans

Final Statement:

This book is a recompilation of everything that I've learned over these years and most of the questions I've received since I began working in digital marketing. If you feel you need to learn about social media or know someone who will benefit from this e-book, it will mean the world that you purchase it! It was a lot of hard work and the profits will help me keep creating free content for all of you to keep enjoying. 


Until next time, 

María Elena