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Going Animal Cruelty-Free

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I'm turning 25 this month... and even though I'm pretty proud of who I've become, I know I can always be a better person. Plus, turning 25 feels like a benchmark age to make important lifestyle decisions. I feel like a big kid now!

But seriously, I may seem like a "grown up" who has everything figured out, but I don't. If you read the title and you know a little bit about the blogging world you must know closing my audience's niche is a very risky move for a beauty blogger. So believe me when I say I've never been this scared to publish a post ever since I officially announced my blog on social media. But this feels different...

First of all, I've always been into health which is the main reason I've always flirted with the idea of becoming a vegetarian. My excuses for not becoming one earlier were pretty much what everybody says: "but how can you give up chicken or bacon? It's so good! Where would you get your protein?" and so on. So back in 2013 I had the New Years Resolution of never buying animal tested products again, but sadly, my love for makeup and skincare products made me forget about this important cause very quickly. Plus, I thought how could I ever blog about beauty without trying out all those products from major brands who do test on animals?!

It took me one conversation with one vegan co-worker and re-watching Vegucated on Netflix to become a vegetarian and stop supporting animal tested products overnight.  How did I do it? I'm not really sure how, but I am positive it had to do with the fact that in every animal I saw being tortured on that film, I saw Fiona, my non-breed shelter dog. I couldn't stop wondering why we eat some but love other animals. But this is not that type of post so you can stop playing your violins!

Before you start making a judgement, I can imagine what most of you must be thinking by reading this post... "Ambinity is now a crazy hippy blog, shaming every brand or person who is not vegetarian or vegan!". Honestly don't even worry about it, because it isn't. You won't even notice the change. This means that my blog will stay the same, but from now on, I will not be endorsing or recommending brands that are tested on animals. And I know it's a risky move that will close many doors for me and believe me when I say I LOVE many, many brands who do test on animals. A simple Google search will let you know which major brands I'm talking about, and sadly, the list is pretty huge. :(

The thing is everyone should do what makes them happy and honestly, I feel like karma is on my side since I feel like in some way, my choices are making the world a little more peaceful. It also makes me feel more in sync with nature, now that I am more aware of animal cruelty and it's consequences on nature and our society. I really do believe I'm helping animals by helping you guys make healthier decisions. Win win situation, right?

As a last disclaimer, this doesn't mean I'm going to throw away all of my products that are animal tested. I will finish them completely, because let's be real guys, I spent money on them! As I said before, I just won't be endorsing them anymore, and I will make sure all my new beauty products are cruelty free. Hope you can all understand my decision and if you would like to join me on my journey, stick by! I will continue to give you my 100% honest reviews, only this time, it will be with brands who don't engage on animal cruelty. Sounds like a happy plan to me, doesn't it? :)