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Valentine's Day Self Care Gift Guide

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I know, I have made it pretty clear that I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. If you are new to this blog or don't know what I'm talking about, check out this post and this post

But this year, after all that happened in 2017, I'm a new María Elena and I want to embrace love more than ever. But because I still believe Valentine's Day is just an excuse to make us shop for useless stuff we don't need, I decided to look at V-Day as a self-care day to embrace self-love. The best part? Your friends and/or significant other would truly enjoy and use these gifts!  

Forget about going out to dinner! Self-care is all about feeling cozy and being comfortable in your own skin and who doesn't love some cozy pj's and fuzzy socks for a night in?! But if you decide to have a steamy night with your lucky guy/girl, you can also take your Netflix & Chill time to a whole new level with a cute throw and indulgent aromatherapy like these candles or my current personal favorite, essential oils. And if you are thinking about a Galentines day, why not have a girls night in with some extra fancy skincare like this scrub or this mandarin orange body scrub that I'm dying to try! You can finish the night with a good nourishing recipe from a plant based cookbook like this one

Finally, I decided to throw in a crystal book, because yeah, I've been into some crystal healing magic lately. Thanks Gwyneth! And no, I'm not talking about Breaking Bad, by the way. Let me know if you are not totally weirded out by this topic and I will happily make a post about it. One of you guys already noticed them in one of my Instagram stories

However you decide to spend your Valentine's Day, it's ok. Just remember that you should always be your own priority. Give yourself some love!

Let me know how are you spending this VDay!

Until next time, 

María Elena

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Best Deals Online Right Now! | #ambinityFinds

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best deals of the season

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click or buy products using any of these links, ambinityblog.com will receive a small commission from that purchase. If you do, thank you! This helps us keep creating content.

I come across some amazing deals online a few times in the week, so I decided to create a series where I will let you know what are the best deals right now and how to get them before they expire. 

If you like this, I could publish it every weekend! So please, let me know what you think. 


Finding an Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette for less than $30 is an amazing deal! UD is known for their amazing quality eyeshadows, so grab this smokey version before it goes. I also found this Deborah Lippmann nail polish set, which also has amazing quality products and they are cruelty-free. #FunFact


I am sucker for everything that has to do with tabletop settings, so when I saw this set of utensils, I knew I had to include them. They're perfect for the holidays!

Now, can we talk about this KitchenAid at almost half the original price?! 


Who has enough accessories? I know I don't! Specially for sunglasses with marble print or the ever so chic tassel earrings. I really hope they never go out of style!


This is honestly one of the best Collective Request Sales I've ever seen. These are my top pics:

Please let me know if you found this post helpful. I could start creating it once a week. 

Until next time, 


Easy Spring Brunch Ideas

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First of all, happy Easter everyone!!! I thought I would make a light and refreshing post to celebrate the beginning of spring. You may find it ridiculous that I get excited over season changes since I live in Puerto Rico, where we pretty much live in summer all the time, but I just love all the bright colors. But enough about the nonsense! Let's talk about brunch:

Just like manis and pedis, I believe brunches are necessary luxuries that we should all splurge on once in a while. So last Friday (a holiday in PR thanks to Good Friday!), I decided to embrace my inner Martha Stewart by hosting a spring brunch for my closest friends. 

But of course, as almost everything that I do, this may look expensive but it wasn't at all. Most of these stuff were purchased at Marshalls/TJ Maxx or I already owned them. All it took was a little creativity and layering. So here are some of my spring brunch ideas:

These beautiful fresh flowers were purchased from a local flower shop, which I don't know about you, but it makes them far more special than buying them from a chain store (I believe Karma is on my side when I buy local). And it's always nice to reuse them after brunch to decorate your home for spring. 

For the center piece I decided to add this old bamboo runner to give the floral tablecloth an earthier look and for a personalized touch, I added this fun name tags that were about $5 for a set of 6.

So what did I end up cooking you may ask? Eggs Benedicts by


and some awesome crepes with Nutella and Guava that my friend Annette made for us from scratch. So... where are those pictures? As you can imagine, those pictures didn't turn out how I wanted... in other words, I need to improve my food photography skills, people! I promise you I will get better. :)

But even though this may look as hard work, whether you're cooking for two or a party of 20, having a nice environment and decor for entertaining will always be appreciated. Plus, I've never heard anyone complain about mimosas! 

What do you love most about brunch? Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Fall Decorations for your Table Setting

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Something that has always made me happy are elaborate table settings. I love how they can make any meal feel fancy. So this year, for my boyfriend's birthday, I decided to finally take a look at The Everygirl's Handbook and take some inspiration from their How to Set and Style Place Settings. I had a hard time trying to make the table look more fall-ish, so I took out my mason jars and used them as vases to display the flowers my boyfriend gave me a while back. Thanks to their beautiful yellow, red and orange colors, I made the table look more October-ish. 

This is how it turned out. Enjoy!