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How to Make a Comeback

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how to make a comeback

These days it feels like everybody is telling Puerto Rico to "not give up" and that this is the time to "reinvent yourself". And while I completely agree with both of these statements, no matter how sick we are of listening to them, I feel like most of us don't even know where to start. Let's face it, Hurricane María caught us off guard and we are still trying to pick ourselves back up and get shit done. 

And believe me, looking for hope when so many many people are losing their jobs and even closing down their businesses is tough. But this is our chance to look at this setback as the perfect white canvas to make this the life you want! So I put together ways you can actually make a comeback stronger than ever. Just remember, step by step, day by day! 

Cry all you want, then put your game face on!

And once you stop crying, please leave fear behind. This is not the moment to have second thoughts about that business or blog you were meaning to start. Either you make it or you don't. And if other people could, why wouldn't you?

Just make sure you are catering your business to Puerto Rico's current situation. This are not the times to make "business as usual". 

Find a comfortable space with WIFI

Mari Nieves from Pink Studios did a blog post on all the places you can find WIFI after Hurricane María. Pick the one that makes you feel comfortable and bring your laptop! And STAY AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA, unless is LinkedIn, of course. 

Even though I don't have the facts, I am pretty sure social media is the #1 procrastinator trigger among millennials. So please, once you find your perfect wifi spot, don't waste your time double tapping memes on Instagram! Use your time to update your resume, make a killer cover letter, apply to new jobs or finally finish that business plan. Focus!

Change your strategy

If things didn't work out for the best the first, second and third time, start thinking about changing your strategy. Maybe it's time to learn new skills (plenty of free courses online, btw!) or even time to move to another city and get a new and exciting job. Remember, you are the only one in charge of your future. Be strategic!

shake what your mama gave you

I talked about this in my last blog post, but I wouldn't be in such a "good place" mentally after Hurricane María if it weren't for the yoga and running habit I started developing a little over three months ago. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that these workouts keep my mind busy or it is just that I have finally found "my workout nirvana". All I know is that what I am doing, is making me feel great and most importantly, I am managing my anxiety like a champ, considering my past. 

So find ways to move that body, these days we need lots and LOTS of endorphins. 

Focus on being an example for others in similar positions

One of the most gratifying things you can do is give other people the tools to succeed. This is a great way to give back to your community.

If you can't find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning, think of all the people who look up to you. Maybe it's your little sister, your intern or even your parents. Don't let them down! Remember, you are always an inspiration to someone and they need your strength.

Focus on the good

I know, this is cliché, but in my short life I have learned that an attitude of gratitude is the only way to make it through the hard seasons of life. There is ALWAYS a reason to be grateful. 

A great way to practice gratitude is by finding a workout you get so zoned out on, since using your body is a great way to be thankful for all its functioning capabilities. Another way is finding time to meditate and think about all the blessings in your life. I have specially loved doing this after yoga and I have even been incorporating some essential oils into my routine. #Divine

Surround yourself with positive people

This is an all around tip, but in hard situations this is specially important. Being surrounded by Debbie Downers is the worst, but imagine having one around when your life is crumbling down into pieces. Yuck! Find people who have the same drive as you towards success. And if you can't find one, there are plenty of books and blogs you can read of people who don't put excuses. 

Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations

This is specially good if you're planning on leaving your current city. This way potential employers have a better understanding of who you are and your interpersonal skills.

If you don't know where to start, just call someone who works or used to work with you and ask them for a LinkedIn Recommendation. If you left your job in good terms, this should not be a problem. Just make sure you give a recommendation back. 

Use your Intuition before you take risks

Repeat after me: My intuition is never wrong. 

Forget about people who tell you you can't make it, as long as you are not risking your life of course! These people are probably too scared to follow their own dreams, so they want people to live their same miserable lives. Once you start taking risks, life will take you places that will make you uncomfortable, but that's where you'll grow.

And happens if you fail, you ask? You will have a life lesson and a damn good story to tell. 

How are you coping with the crisis after María?

Until next time, 

María Elena